Cosmos is a simple python application framework with some basic features required by all applications.


  • RESTful API to insert, read, update, delete object entries and files
  • Each object is protected by role based access control (RBAC) system
  • Object schema is not required but can be created to restrict input property or types
  • Subscribe to change of any object through out of the box API
  • Form builder/ viewer that does not require any code on the backend
  • Authentication support for OpenID, OAuth2, SAML2 (provider/consumer), Multifactor authentication
  • Built-in administration console

Required knowledge

  • Angular JS
  • REST web service
  • Tornado Web Framework
  • Mongo DB
  • Python
  • Docker

Docker images

  • beendu/beendusvc - for cosmos framework
  • beendu/mongodb - for mongodb